meet a mormon (me).

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to go see the church sponsored film, Meet The Mormons. The documentary follows the lives of six Mormons (Latter Day Saints) and their families through their day to day lives, and to show the world what makes Mormons tick. 
I absolutely loved the movie and encourage everyone that hasn't had the chance to see it, to go! At the opening of the film a woman was questioning people on the streets of New York City as to what they knew about Mormons. Their answers were both comical and intriguing. Their perceptions of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were based on hearsay, the media, and Mormons that they knew. It astounded me that so many people have the wrong idea about Mormons. Then I realized that they're simply learning from our example. It scares me to think that I might be the only LDS a person ever meets in their life. and what if I'm not representing the church in the right light?! Unfortunately there are those of us that claim to be LDS yet still rebel and put a dirty image on our religion. (myself included) I in no way condone any of my unrighteousness, but do want it to be known that I'm not perfect. I wish I could fully express my gratitude and love for the Church that I was so blessed to be born into, and aspire to have the ability to be the best example and representation of the church. I'm striving to be the best that I can, and honestly that's the best thing we can do.

xoxo hails.


  1. love your honesty, and your outfit is also the perfect fall outfit :)

  2. Just saw that movie, and thought some of the exact same things. You are adorable and so is your cute blog!!

  3. Excellent post! I didn't know any mormons growing up, but when I went to grad school I met several. I honestly have to say that the mormons I know are the nicest most family oriented people I know. They seriously are the type of people that will do everything they can to help a friend out. Unfortunately I think the sister wives TV show has really warped views on how mormons behave.
    The Doctor Diva

    1. Thanks! haha we LOVE to serve with a passion; there is just something so great about positively affecting someone's life that feels so rewarding! And it's unfortunate that we share the same religious origin as the sister wives, but after Brigham Young (the current prophet of the church at the time) made known unto members of the church that we were no longer going to be practicing polygamy, we immediately stopped. But a branch of saints wanted to continue with the practice of polygamy, so they left the church to do so. haha sorry rant over! thanks for reading!


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