when it snows.

as pretty as the snow is...I wish I could say I like it more. My Vegas roots make me crave the dry heat and sizzling sun...this white powder is a game changer and might take some time getting used to.
xoxo hails.
christmas pines>>> 
the cutest canadian

kisses, duhhhhh

sweater: h&m
necklace: made by mary


  1. such pretty pictures!!! i've only seen a few flakes here and there over the past week (and i live in canada!) but i just can't wait for the first real snowfall. it makes me so excited for christmas!

    also, i really love your hair! you look stunning!!!

  2. beautiful!!! I just moved from utah to florida and believe it or not and MISSING that beautiful snow! :) these pictures are just makin it worse! :)

    1. dang I wish we could swap weather! haha I'd kill for warmth right now! :)


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