wild out.

My mom has always told me that I'm super independent; even when I was a young las. I would refuse her help in the morning and would take it upon myself to choose my getup for the day. It usually resulted in mismatched socks, a slew of patterns and colors, and my Barbie backpack. Because duh it's Barbie. I took my 4 year old passion for fashion and put together an outfit full of texture. I've really been digging an urban-grunge vibe in my wardrobe lately and I gotta say the leopard spots and chunky heel really fit the bill. Vegas weather has been beyond nice to me during my winter break escape from Rexburg. I'm not quite sure I'll be prepared to go back to -10*F wind chill. No thank you.

xoxo hails.


  1. Your so cute, I love the leopard leggings! I'm so jealous your in Vegas enjoying some sunshine! My cousin just graduated from BYU Idaho and she said there was always a rain cloud over Rexburg and that it was so dang cold. Have a great New Years!!!


  2. cuute! i love it. i don't think i could pull it off, but i admire the girls who can. xoxo

    1. thanks! pattern mixing is just so fun, and in a way almost risky! haha


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