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this pose is called "figure skater curtsey"

as cliche as it is (and let's be real it's SUPER cliche) a new year brings so many changes. Leaving home and going back to school, the start of a new semester (with our fingers anxiously crossed hoping we remember not to slack off because we know where that got us last term........hmmm), moving apartment complexes, trying to figure out where to go for the summer, failing at making any sort of important life decision, and ultimately having a teen-life crisis.WOOOOOO happy 2015 to me. I can feel in my 19 year old bones that THIS year something amazing is going to happen, but I'm not quite sure what it is yet.. But seriously so much is happening and brimming up and over my cup of normalcy that I have to ask myself (multiple times a day) "is this real life?" BUT, to prepare myself for all the crazy-excitingness that is sure to unfold this fresh year I have made a list of promises that I've pinky-sworn to myself.
I dabbled with the idea of making a list of New Year's Resolutions, but they inevitably end up shoved in the back of my desk or scribbled in a long forgotten journal. And is it really a new year if my resolutions are the same as previous years? (which also have not been fulfilled. Can you tell I lack motivation?)
So instead of the usual goals, I've decided to look inward on things that need improvement. & today I share with you my list.

Hailey's 3 Pinky Promises & Pledges For The New Year

  1. NO MORE NEGATIVITY. In any of its forms. Whether it's comparing ourselves to others, a bad attitude, not so nice people; it's all getting cut out. Instead of removing sugar from my diet this year (because donuts are wayyyyyy too good), I plan on eliminating the bad vibes. I'm intent on making this my happiest year.
  2. MOTIVATION AND PROCRASTINATION. I suffer from a lack of determination and focus, and am in dire need of more direction.  The uncertainty of my future leaves me a bit blind to what I'm working for; so it makes me hesitant and unwilling to do anything. It's a vicious cycle I assure you. But this semester I vow to be active in looking for my future path and taking the necessary steps in the direction of success. because trying and failing is better than sitting around and doing nothing, right?
  3. STOP BEING AFRAID. We can't let our fears get in the way of our dreams, and too often do I let my fear and trepidation dictate my actions....or sometimes lack thereof. This year I want to really work on Me, and I shan't let anything get in the way. Not everyone has to like me, I don't need the praise of peers, and I really need to stop comparing my weaknesses to others' strengths. I've put on my blinders and refuse to fall prey to my fears. #cantseethehaters

come on. This is gonna be OUR year.

xoxo hails.


outfit details.
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  1. Love the one "No more negativity!"Great blog.Love your style too!

  2. I'm with you on the "Stop being afraid!" When I look back on things I've missed out on just because I let fear get in the way, I get mad at myself for it. There's no reason why fear should get in the way of going after what we want. P.S. your pants are adorable! <3

    - StyledByBlondie.com


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