don't quit your daydream.

Ya know those dreams you keep to yourself? The ones that don't leave the pages of your journal, or maybe even the corners of your mind? The little pinky promises that we've made with ourselves. Those are the dreams that have me staring off into the distance, contemplating my options, thinking and rethinking my decisions, and constantly having me feel as if I'm standing at a crossroads without a guide. The dreams that keep me trekking on, seemingly blind; just moving forward. 
When we're young we're asked what our "dream" is; whether it's a career choice, an adventure, or life goal. Unlike most little girls, becoming a princess wasn't at the top of my priorities. I was captivated with the idea of becoming an astronaut because I was enraptured with the secrets of the stars, and was beyond convinced that I could fly myself to heaven. no joke. As I got older my dreams changed but were never constant. Lately I've been watching my life like a movie reel, and honestly it feels like I'm running low on film. With the confusion that clouds my mind on the daily, there is only one thing that I know I'll want forever. 
I want adventure. I want spontaneity without second guessing. I'm itching to embrace change with courage and conviction. I want marvelous travels that gifts me a passport brimming with stamps. I want late nights that turn into early mornings, whispered laughs included. I want impromptu plane rides without a destination in mind. I want to experience epiphanies and unknown curiosities. I'm dying for surprises and wide eye wonderment. My entity craves remodeling and refining, and I long for story to call my own.
Although my dreams aren't as tangible as what I'm majoring in or where I want to live over the summer, I know they're there. They lay beneath the surface waiting to be fully designed and discovered.
So to those whose dreams are a bit blurry and unfocused. Please don't quit your daydream. Keep on keepin' on.

xoxo hails.

p.s. much love to the few of your that keep up with me and my late-night, emotional tirades. You guys are the true homies.

on a fashion side note...
I'm SO in love with this dress! I adore the high neckline and the trim fit through the waist. I'm not usually one to wear anything super girly, so my immediate attachment to this frock came as a surprise. I almost saved this one for V-day, but figured black would be WAY more appropriate.

dress: hm
heels: target
dress inspo: ggf


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