life update.

third week in. As everyone else starts a new semester today; I've just gotten into the swing of things with my classes. So far this semester seems like a good one, but I'll keep my fingers crossed so as not to jinx it.
I still have my mind (kinda) set on majoring in Graphic Design, but my thoughts are slightly drifting towards the possibility of being a COMM major with an emphasis in PR....hmmm. I'm just a tad unsteady but I'm thinking I'll know for sure what I wanna do by the end of the term.
My new apartment complex is GREAT and I absolutely adore my new bunkmates. Our personalities resonate well with each other, and our closeness in age makes me a wee nostalgic for my first semester roomies. #TheCrewIn2202. My only complaint is mine and Alex's slight obsession with Gossip Girl and inability to watch less than 4 episodes in one evening; which makes for very sleepy mornings.
and me. I'm actually doing swell. but seriously. I'm extremely content with life right now and wouldn't have it any other way. Definitely not saying my life is without trial, but it all seems very manageable right now. Because life without any sort of struggle would really just be bland.
and for now I'm learning to love the process of life.

xoxo hails.

pants: so comfy and fitted purrrfectly. aeo
sweater: I can never say no to a cozy knit. a&f
beanie: Because a pompom panda-eye beanie is a must. hco


  1. Love this all black look and I love those beanies! Don't think I can pull that off though. Haha! Great post!


    1. thanks! haha the photos don't do it justice, but the sweater is actually a deep emerald green!

  2. I was a COMM major with an emphasis in Entertainment! :)


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