yik yak paddy wak.

WEEEEEE!! I'm so excited for the opportunity to be able to work with the social networking app YikYak as one of their USA Campus Reps for this Spring Semester! I'm SOOOO pumped to be working alongside the other students on campus in an effort to get everyone more connected and unified!! For those not familiar with YikYak; the best way I can explain it is like an anonymous Twitter...haha that description is fairly vague so it'd be best to just download the app and check it out for yourself! ;) 
I'm in need of your help to help grow the herd, and I want YOU. Contact me via email, twitter, fb, or insta if you wanna get involved on campus, and have a blast meeting new people and maybe even scoring some free swag! (and/or taco bell...)

on the outfit:
I'm so in love with cozy, chunky knits right now because the frosty winter demands nothing less. The more layers the warmer. I threw on these leopard sneakers because the solid color palette called for a bit of pattern. These distressed jeans are also a favorite that I can't seem to get away from! They hug my legs comfortably and the holes and tears in the fabric really allow for full range of motion! haha because I am NOT one to wear something uncomfortable. no thank you.

xoxo hails.

sweater: hco
scarf: hco
shoes: target


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