heading black to blogging.

honestly I'm beyond ashamed. I've put my priorities on the back burner for far too long, and today I've dedicated the afternoon to restructuring my list of to-dos, with homework and blogging at the top of the list. I'm a tad lost for words for all that's happened this past semester. I've had too many friends get engaged or hitched (a big congrats to my favorite couple: Morgs & Jakey!!), the bestfriend's bday (SAMMI LOVE, how are we getting so old?!), I successfully survived midterms without pulling apart (all) of my split ends, the snow looks like it's gone for good #PRAISE, I've contracted an unhealthy and unfortunate addiction to sweets (which is making it hard for my spring bod to appear...), had to hold off on my plasma donating because APPARENTLY my protein levels are low (which doesn't make sense because McNuggets have loads of protein right??), I've let my room become cluttered with laundry and life beyond recognition, I've shirked on my water consumption (much to the dismay of my skin), I've been actively seeking employment for this Spring semester, I realized (with much sadness and frustration) that my position as Yik Yak Campus Rep isn't quite what I expected, I'm kinda sorta maybe casually dating this one boy who's superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sweet, and to top it all off I've completely let go of the reins that steer my silly life.
I'm trying to be proactive in the sense that I'm accomplishing the little day to day things that inevitably come up on the never ending to-do list, but I've handed over the Expo marker to God and fully trust Him to pen out "Hailey's Future and Reality" on The White Board of Life. Because Heaven only knows how many times I've attempted to plan it out all on my lonesome, nitty gritty details and all; only to be detoured down a path of obligatory experiences that I (begrudgingly) admit have shaped me into a person who would not exist without said experiences. But I gotta say I'm happy I've at least learned some lessons and found the silver linings, even if the hindsight they offered only resulted in a much needed face palm.

So with all that rambling penned out and expressed, I'm pleased to announce my official return to my true love hobby- which is YOU. my blog. my thoughts. my sometimes diary. and my best free time filler. thank you baby hailey for believing in us. ily.

xoxo hails.
p.s. i also love those who read this. you're the true homie *fist bump*

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  1. hahah I love the personality you add to your posts! I feel like we would totally be friends if we a) lived in the same state and b) you let me borrow your clothes. cause they're all super cute! anyways, glad I stumbled upon your blog!



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