Life is Like a Piece of Toast

I was a mad woman, running around my apartment trying to pack my backpack while simultaneously jumping into my skinny jeans. This was going down as my bread was in the toaster. And in my frantic rush to bring order to my morning I realized that life is like a piece of toast.

First, in toast and life, there’s a chance for missed moments.

For those of you that eat toast know that there’s a very small window in which you can butter your toast, or the bread will cool down and the butter will refuse to melt and spread. In life, we are given astounding opportunities and blessings that we just have to reach for and grab. Some of these are only available for a short moment in time, and then they're gone. Lost to us, maybe forever. Just like the melted butter. Although my breakfast had been ruined that morning, I didn’t intend to give up on toast completely because of my butter blunder. I saw where I had failed and planned to use that knowledge to my advantage in future life and breakfast-related endeavors.

Second, you’re the master of your journey. 

Many complain that life is bland. That it lacks the adventure and excitement that they thought they were guaranteed. They missed out on the “what ifs” and seek someone else to blame. But like toast, life is what you make it. You’re the only one responsible for topping your toast. There are sugary jams and jellies, sweet chocolate and peanut butter spreads, savory cheese and herb blends, and who could forget the avocado? Relationships, new experiences, and self-made adventure are the “toast toppings” that make life exciting and keep it from going stale.

Third, you need something to keep you steady.

Life is constantly changing, forcing us to maintain an enraptured focus as it collapses and rebuilds itself, shifting and perpetually evolving. Conversely, toast is ever present and a satisfying and suitable solution for all meals and mid-day munchies. With life’s dependable instability we need an anchor to keep us rooted in sanity whether that’s a crunchy carb or not.

Let’s be real, life is scary. It’s a fast-paced course that’s sometimes wholly unbearable and at other times extremely gratifying. We just need to take a deep breath and take life, and toast, one slice at a time.


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