summer gems

I struggle with finding fun statement jewelry that is nickel-free and affordable. My skin is SO sensitive and will easily get inflamed due to the low-quality metal. I'm also not too fond of the sickly green tint left behind by cheaply produced pieces.
But to find jewelry that comes straight from mother earth while still maintaining fashion-lovers' appeal? I'm sold.

Leone Seeds designs gorgeous jewelry and accessories 100% handmade in COLOMBIA with no plastic or artificial materials. Seriously how cool?! They reached out to see if I was interested, and I spent a solid day ogling their necklaces online.

I'm guilty of sporting black almost everyday and figured some bright colors and prints would be a great way to give my closet a summer face-lift.
The long blue set is made solely out of Tagua seeds that have been cut, shaved, and shaped (by hand!)  then dyed and assembled. I admit to swooning when I put on this turquoise dream.
The layered yellow number is actually made up of melon seeds which have been dyed a rich mustard shade. I've gotta say I prefer the seeds over plastic beads, because they are all natural #GoGreen and SO lightweight.

I love how bright these sets are and how they exemplify their organic origins perfectly! I'm excited to wear these all summer as long as I can keep my sister from snatching them, s/o to you Skyler... Big thanks to Leone Seeds for the incredible jewelry and to Last Chance Photography for conquering the Idaho wilderness with me in search of "nature with good lighting". You guys are the best.

xoxo hails.

lace top: JCP
pants: Rue 21
dress: AEO
jewelry c/o: Leone Seeds
photography c/o: Last Chance Photography



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