learning to adult.

Being an adult is hard, and the transition from dependent adolescent to kinda-independent grown-up is one that doesn't come with a freaking handbook.
In high school I felt like I was standing on the edge of the cliff of maturity, looking over longingly, wishing I were at the bottom with all the "cool perks" that come with growing up. Then suddenly, and without warning, someone kicked my legs out from under me leaving me victim to gravity and I toppled headfirst into the dark abyss that is adulthood. And somewhere along the way I lost my wallet.

Being a grown-up isn't all fun and games, it's actually less fun and games than childhood. Who knew, right? Being an adult means work, and grocery shopping, and paying rent, and wondering where you're going to get the money to pay rent, and dealing with car problems, and not getting enough sleep, and scheduling your own doctor's appointments, and breakups and boys, and a whole lot of anxiety, etc... and lemme tell you, the list is ENDLESS. Why didn't anyone tell us it'd be this hard??? and who the heck let us wander into the world without knowing how to do our own taxes?!

*takes a deep breath*

But fret not dear friends; there's a silver-lining that I'm trying to get across. And that little nugget of gold is...wait for it... free agency! I know you're probably thinking, "seriously hailey? I read two whole paragraphs to get to that load of common sense?" and to that I say, "YES YOU DID".
We have a choice how we see this life. We can choose to see it riddled with trials, afflictions, and hardships and woe, OR we can flip on those rose-colored lenses and instead see experiences where we can learn and grow. You have to ACTIVELY strive to see the good.

Being an adult means understanding and accepting what life throws at you, and then learning how to catch.



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